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Sunday, November 9, 2014

OVEN HARD-BOILED EGGS: Saving Time & Curing Egg-Peeling Rage

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 The page that you are on right now (www.halfofgabby.blogspot.com) is no longer posting new articles and information. Half of Gabby has moved to www.halfofgabby.com and will continue to post new material regularly! In addition, all older articles have been updated on the new site!


So it's pretty much a mystery why I don't go around clucking and bobbing my head. The amount of eggs I consume in a week's time is obscene. Actually, my whole family should be clucking. We all love eggs. In the course of a week's time, I will hard boil anywhere from 3-6 dozen eggs! In addition to all of the hard boiled eggs we go through, we also enjoy omelets, scrambled eggs, egg salad, and dippy eggs all through the week. So ya, we should be clucking... like obnoxiously loud.

Now I have to admit, I wouldn't eat as much eggs as I do if my diet and nutrition wasn't so front-loaded with protein but I honestly do love eggs. I ate a ton of eggs even before I lost all of my weight. I don't eat many yolks though. Not for any other reason than I just don't like yolks that much. So I mostly just eat the whites and when I make egg salad, omelets, or scrambled eggs (which we all LOVE), I only use one yolk to every three whites. They don't even notice it. In fact, I don't think Jay and the kids even know I do that, lol. 

My husband loves eggs just as much as I do, especially hard boiled eggs. He takes 4-5 hard-boiled eggs in his lunch everyday. My kids love hard boiled eggs as well. They are constantly plucking them out of the gallon sized Ziploc bags that I have stored in the fridge. 

I recently tried a trick that I'd heard about on how to hard boil eggs in the oven. After my latest batch where the peels were such a bitch that I actually threw more than half of the damn eggs in the garbage, I decided to finally try out this oven method that I've been hearing about. OMG, I'm in love!

Here's the deal with hard boiling eggs the old fashion way... you never know if you're going to get a good batch and you never know if the peels are going to come off easily... and you never know if you're going to turn into a lunatic, start spewing expletives, and start whipping the eggs in the trash because the damn peels will not come off. 

I have literally called eggs names while holding them up and looking them in the eye before I threw them forcefully into the garbage. I've said this a million times... life is too friggin' short to peel eggs that don't want to be peeled. No thanks.

The whole waiting around thing and timing how long they boil, how long to set them aside, and how long they sit in cool water is just awful and so time consuming. And then for them to sometimes come out horrible, omg you just want to scream. Even if you do the same exact thing every time, you never get the same results. OMG, it is enough to drive you mad.

Can you sense my disdain for uncooperative eggs? Honestly I think it bothers me more than the average person just because I boil eggs so often. It's a weekly ritual. We go through so much. We need to start our own chicken farm. OMG no, maybe that isn't a good idea because whenever I'd get a stubborn batch of eggs that refused to peel, I may just go outside and start bitchslapping the chickens. Okay totally kidding (no, seriously, I really am just kidding). I'm not saying a tiny part of me wouldn't think of it, but I would NEVER hurt an animal... Except spiders and ants. But I don't consider them animals, they are icky bugs and if they come into my house, they will be squashed and smushed and thrown away... along with the gnarled up hard boiled eggs that refused to let me peel them.

Okay I will stop rambling about clucking, our household egg consumption, and my pure hatred for asshole hard boiled eggs who refuse to get naked for me. Let me go ahead and tell you how to try the oven method so that you too may be saved from egg rage.

You really must give this method a try.


1. Pre-heat oven to 325 degrees.

2. Place your eggs in a muffin pan. No need to spray pan, just lay them in there.

3. Bake for 30 minutes.

*When your eggs are done, there may be brown spots on them. This is totally normal.

4. After baking, immediately place eggs in an ice bath. 

*Use kitchen tongs to transfer the eggs to the ice bath.

5. Let sit until eggs are completely cool. I've let mine sit in there as long as an hour just because I was busy but I think 10-15 minutes would be enough.

6. Peel eggs. And oh how gloriously they peel! No more rage!

*Some of the eggs will be discolored and will even have tiny brown spots on them (I just remove them when I'm peeling the eggs. 

*This discoloring does not effect the taste of the egg.

On the inside, the eggs are perfect!

I've made five batches of these oven hard-boiled eggs in the last three days. I think I'm sold on the method. 

*Now if you are making some kind of dish where the eggs will be displayed, then I would recommend you hard boiling your eggs the old fashioned way so that you don't have any discolored eggs on display. But if you're just making them for you and your family or to put inside a recipe, this is a super time saver and an easy method.

I've had egg salad for breakfast for the last three days with my oven eggs. I'm in love.

...and I'm so glad I can stop throwing mangled hard boiled eggs in the trash and stop swearing at them like a deranged lunatic.

Life is too damn short for stubborn eggs.

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